Restoration & Repair

We specialize in restoring vintage and antique dolls while preserving as much of the dolls original character and features as possible.  We are experieced in the repair of bisque/porcelain, composition, cloth, vinyl, and hard plastic dolls as well as their clothing and accessories.

Consignment Sales

We sell a variety of dolls and related items on consignment through our Ebay store.  If you are interested in consigning items, contact Alice Gould at or (605) 310-6266.


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Forever Young Doll Hospital


In addition to complete dolls, we also have a large selection of vintage doll parts, cothing, shoes, wigs, and accessories. If we don't have what you're looking, we can you assist in locating vintage or new historically acurate replacements. Or if you prefer, we can design and construct custom-made doll clothing.

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